Our vision to bring wool growers and wool processors closer together is realised in Visione.

You may well ask why a wool marketing company would go to the trouble of talking to wool processors about the exact wool specifications required to make a quality ‘next to skin’ wool fabric for the consumer market and then going through the process of sourcing raw wool from AWN’s extensive client base?

The answer is because that’s what we do and it's what we are good at – building a network of knowledge, relationships and strategic alliances; taking an almost vertically integrated approach to wool product development.

In 2008, Australian Wool Network created a merino clothing product to promote its vision of bringing wool growers and wool processors closer together.  The product was fittingly named ‘Visione’ (from the Italian word ‘vision’) to reflect the company’s Italian heritage and wool processing connection and, more importantly, its focus on delivering a difference in wool marketing.

Visione was developed to highlight the significance and capability of AWN’s worldwide network of strategic alliances along the wool processing pipeline. 

Importantly, it was developed to demonstrate how your wool, as a wool growing client of AWN, could be put into a product using our network. Ultimately, through this process we could provide you, the wool grower, with a tangible, direct network advantage for your wool growing business - not to mention a great Australian grown wool product for you to wear.

How did it all come together?
AWN wool growing clients were invited to enter a supply arrangement, a direct to mill order, to supply a specific type and quantity of merino wool.  The main wool specifications were 18.5micron, 66-68mm in length and 40nkt strength.  

Wool sourced from our clients was processed into yarn through our network partner in Japan (spinning), woven into fabric in Melbourne, Victoria, and manufactured by another network partner based in Western Australia.  Once developed into a next-to-skin Merino t-shirt, we offered the t-shirts directly to our wool growing client base and via a retail online shop.

Marketing Your Wool Differently
Developing programs such as Visione is just one of the many ways we can market your wool outside of the traditional auction system. 

Marketing programs like Visione (and a number of others along similar lines we are developing), enable us to package up your wool clip to ensure your wool growing business has a genuine strategy, and therefore best opportunity to achieve maximum returns for your entire wool clip.

Your local wool marketing specialist can help you to determine if all or some of your wool can be marketed through programs like Visione, or any of our other up and coming specialty programs. Our aim is to add value to your wool clip.

Everyday, in every way, we believe wool works best!

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