Our vision to bring wool growers and wool processors closer together was brought to life in 2008 with the development of a next to skin garment called Visione.

In November 2014 AWN purchased the Victorian based knitwear manufacturing business called Hysport and through this accquisition our vision has gone to the next level, to the very end of the wool processing pipeline, to the consumer.

Through Hysport we can now take AWN clients' wool from bale to retail through a range of merino based knitwear products such as MerinoSnug.

MerinoSnug is one of Hysport’s premier clothing brands and is made from Australian merino wool and New Zealand possum fur.

Manufactured wholly in Australia using state of the  art ‘whole of garment’ knitting machines, the MerinoSnug knitwear range is in high demand particularly from the tourism and travel retail sector. The finished garment is very warm to wear and light in weight.

For wool growers AWN can now offer, through our DNA wool supply program, a genuine opportunity to know where their wool will be used. 

The DNA wool supply program allows us to give a provenance to the end product and to showcase to consumers the AWN clients and their sheep who contributed to the making of the product they are wearing.

Importantly for wool growers by controlling wool processing from bale to retail we are in charge of some of the associated costs, enabling us to potentially offer a better price for specific wool types.

We believe that the DNA program will appeal to wool growers wanting to make a genuine contribution to driving demand for their wool as well as those looking to take advantage of the benefits that come when selling their wool direct.

Wool growers wanting to find out more about the DNA wool supply program should contact their local AWN Wool Specialist

Marketing Your Wool Differently
Developing programs such as Visione and DNA is just one of the many ways we can market your wool outside of the traditional auction system. 

Marketing programs like DNA enable us to package up your wool clip to ensure your wool growing business has a genuine strategy, and therefore best opportunity to achieve maximum returns for your entire wool clip.

Your local wool marketing specialist can help you to determine if all or some of your wool is suitable for programs like Visione, MerinoSnug and DNA. Our aim is to add value to your wool clip.

Everyday, in every way, wool works best!

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