Our vision to bring wool growers and wool processors closer together is realised in Visione.

Visione, informally pronounced 'vish-on-nee', is Italian for VISION – an appropriate name given the history of AWN and it's continuing alliances with Italian wool processors.

You may well ask why a wool marketing company would go to the trouble of talking to wool processors about the exact wool specifications required to make a quality ‘next to skin’ wool fabric for the consumer market and then going through the process of sourcing raw wool from AWN’s extensive client base?

The answer is because that’s what we do and it's what we are good at – building a network of knowledge, relationships and strategic alliances; taking an almost vertically integrated approach to consumer product development. Essentially through AWN we have the expertise, the network and a client base of wool growers with sheep that grow Australia’s best Merino wool.  Importantly we have the passion to develop and deliver to the world a quality consumer product made from one of nature's most remarkable fibres - wool.  

Our new ONLINE shop is under construction so in the mean time if you'd like to ORDER your very own Visione please call 02 9912 6222.

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