Direct Network Advantage

For wool growers AWN can now offer, through our Direct Network Advantage (DNA) wool supply program, a genuine opportunity to know where their wool will be used.

The DNA wool supply program allows us to give a provenance to the end product and to showcase to consumers the AWN clients and their sheep who contributed to the making of the product they are wearing.

Importantly for wool growers by controlling wool processing from bale to retail we can better manage some of the associated processing costs, enabling us to potentially offer above market prices for specific wool types - a direct advantage to your wool growing operation.

We believe that the DNA program will appeal to wool growers wanting to make a genuine contribution to driving demand for their wool as well as those looking to take advantage of the benefits that come when selling their wool direct.

To understand the DNA of a MerinoSnug garment, take a look at these short stories from our wool growers, their sheep, their properties and the environment in which they grow the world's best wool.

Follow the links below to read more about AWN wool growers who contribute to the DNA program.

DNA participants

Kangaroo IslandKangaroo Island in South Australia was the first 'regionally' branded DNA program. 20 woolgrowers, members of the Kangaroo Island Wool group, joined AWN and the DNA program.Read more

Jigsaw FarmsAs clients of AWN we were able to explore a little further into this family run operation in  Hamilton in western Victoria. We discovered that wool had a profound affect on the property's staff.Read more

KeeyugaThe Thomson family at Keeyuga, Glenauroa VIC were part of our initial DNA pilot program. Together with their unique farming story  we were inspired to continue to develop the program.Read more

EgelabraIntroducing one of Australia's most historic merino studs and sheep breeding seemed a natural fit for DNA. Albeit a tricky subject to explain the process to consumers!Read more

Midlands MerinoThe Midlands of Tasmania is known for many things, the historic Ross Bridge is one of them. What many may not know is that the region produces some of the best wool in the world for...DNA.Read more

CormoThe migration of the Cormo sheep in the Central Highlands TAS each year starting on ANZAC day is a sight to behold. We were lucky enough to capture the trek and include Cormo wool in DNA.This story launching 2017


At Australia Wool Network we believe that 'every day in every way wool works best'. That's why we think wool should be your 'natural fibre of choice' when choosing clothes to wear, furnishings for your home or anything else for that matter!

Are you a wool

If you would like to contribute to the making of our MerinoSnug garments please contact your local AWN Wool Specialist or email us.